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SUEZ Make Water Treatment Chemicals

Driving efficiency, safety and reliability in your steam-generating system

Heat transfer and steam generating efficiency are critical metrics for any steam generating system and can impact everything from fuel costs to maintenance expenses and unscheduled outages. Deposition and corrosion are two key problems that can negatively affect these metrics as well as the overall reliability of the system.

We offer Internal boiler treatment chemicals, Feedwater treatment chemicals, and Steam condensate treatment.

OptiSperse Internal Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Performance reliability through deposition and scale control

SUEZ's Internal Treatment programs provide highly effective protection against scale formation and corrosion to improve the reliability and efficiency of your boiler system. Treatments include patented Solus* AP advanced all-Polymer programs, as well as coordinated phosphate/pH, chelant, and phosphate programs to best fit your system.

Featured products:

  • Solus AP : Novel all-polymer treatment for systems up to 600 psig where optimum control of hardness, silica and iron deposition is mission critical
  • OptiSperse APFe : Combines our mainstay all-polymer chemistry with the industry's premier iron dispersant, HTP polymer, to treat systems where iron is the dominant feedwater contaminant below 900 psig
  • OptiSperse HTP : Premier high-pressure internal treatment for use in coordinated phosphate/pH programs where iron is the major contaminant above 900 psig
  • OptiSperse HP : Tailored phosphate/pH chemistry for high-pressure, high purity systems
  • OptiSperse CPS : Chelant, polymer, and phosphate blends for tough to treat systems
  • OptiSperse PO : Precipitating phosphate/polymer internal treatment programs for systems prone to elevated hardness contaminant ingress
  • OptiSperse SP : Supplemental polymeric dispersants for enhanced deposit control under stressed conditions in all internal treatment programs

Oxygen Scavengers and Feedwater Treatment Chemicals

Dissolved oxygen scavengers can help reduce corrosion, maintenance and downtime

Dissolved oxygen is a constant threat to the integrity of boiler feedwater systems, economizers, and internal boiler and condensate system surfaces. Even minor concentrations of dissolved oxygen can cause severe pitting corrosion. Because of its highly localized nature, pitting attack caused by dissolved oxygen can result in rapid failure of feedwater lines, economizers, boiler tubes and condensate lines. Our inorganic sulfite and advanced organic oxygen scavenger formulations rapidly remove any dissolved oxygen remaining after mechanical deaeration.

CorTrol Product Features

  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Controls dissolved oxygen pitting in boiler feedwater, internal boiler and steam-condensate systems
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with dissolved oxygen failures
  • Minimizes feedwater and condensate iron and copper levels, reducing loading of these scale-forming corrosion products to the boiler

Steam Condensate Treatment with SUEZ Steamate Technology

SUEZ can help increase performance and reliability through corrosion control in steam condensate systems

Corrosion can threaten the reliability and safety of critical steam equipment, frequently taking the form of acid or CO2 corrosion, dissolved oxygen attack, erosion or flow-assisted corrosion, and/or downtime/storage corrosion. If left untreated, ongoing corrosion can result in significantly higher maintenance and equipment replacement costs, reduced runtime, unscheduled outages, and lower product quality. Good steam condensate treatment can help minimize corrosion throughout the condensate system and drive overall productivity with less maintenance, downtime, and asset maintenance and repair costs.

Featured products:

  • Steamate PAS Series : Novel surface-adsorbed, volatile Polyamine technology combined with high-performance neutralizing amines for maximum system protection
  • Steamate LSA : Low-salt neutralizing amine and Polyamine product line designed specifically for the refining industry
  • Steamate NA : Broad suite of neutralizing amine for effective corrosion protection in a wide range of boiler systems
  • Steamate FM : Filmer corrosion inhibitors for physical barrier corrosion protection